President's Message

Welcome to the Agency for Defense Development's
50th anniversary website.
  • The Agency for Defense Development (ADD) first cast sail on August 6th, 1970, and ventured into the new waters of defense R&D. Since then, our efforts to secure and develop cutting-edge defense technology have led to the Republic of Korea's peace and prosperity as well as our standing as a global powerhouse in defense science and technology (S&T).
  • With the celebration of ADD’s 50th anniversary, we are starting afresh in 2020 by reflecting on our past and preparing for the future. With this newfound perspective, we will return to the fundamentals and develop Strategic, Classified and Non-profit weapon systems and aggressively commit to cutting-edge defense R&D efforts. We will focus on the development of disruptive technologies and proactively respond to the ever-shifting technologies and uncertain national security environments of the future.
  • Envisioning peace and unification on the Korean peninsula, ADD will continue to pioneer the unknown and be at the forefront of the frontier. ADD will carry on and defend Korea with cutting-edge research and development (R&D), committing itself to “Defending Our Nation with the Strength of Our Own Science and Technology!”
  • Dr. Sae Kyu Nam
    Agency for Defense Development