ADD in Numbers

ADD in Numbers

ADD in Numbers
  • 9th in the world in defense science and technology

    Korea placed 9th globally in defense science and technology with advanced defense R&D capabilities

    Technical cooperation with 25 overseas organizations

    Established a network of international partnerships with 25 organizations from 15 countries to acquire leading national defense technologies

    50th anniversary of ADD

    Has been the cornerstone of Korea's national defense R&D since 1970 for the past half of a century

  • The Next 100 Years

    Will advance into the future with a clear vision for the next century

    124 domestic MOUs signed

    Established partnerships and cooperations with 124 domestic institutions to expand national R&D capabilities

    Developed 294 weapons

    Developed 294 advanced weapons that are protecting Korea even at this moment

  • 443 trillion won's of economic impact

    Generated an economic impact of a 442.7 trillion won by investing 41.2 trillion won, an increase by 11 times

    592 defense technology transfers

    Created values through various cases of civilian-military cooperation, leading to 592 technology transfers

    50 years of R&D

    the Frontier