Being the cornerstone of national defense, ADD has established the framework of self-reliant defense. Now, as a world-leading defense R&D center, ADD continues to expand ways of protecting the nation. 

The Beginnings


The beginning of domestic manufacturing of basic weaponry and development of guided missile systems

Baekgom (Surface-to-Surface Missile System), Towed Howitzers, Mortars, etc.

  • 1970. 08. 06Establishment of the Agency for Defense Development (Presidential Decree)
  • 1974. 02. 16Establishment of the R&D Center in Daejeon
  • 1976. 05. 13Establishment of the R&D Center in Jinhae
  • 1977. 10. 04Establishment of the T&E Center in Anheung
  • 1978. 09. 26Successful Launch Test of the Baekgom Missile System
  • 1979. 01. 10Establishment of the Defense Management Institute (Affiliated Institute)

Period of Early Growth


Strengthening of technology R&D capabilities for weapon systems development

Hyunmoo (Surface-to-Surface Missile System), Guryong (Multiple Rocket System), K2 (Assault Rifle), K-200 (Armored Personnel Carrier), Dolgorae-class Midget Submarine, etc.

  • 1980. 01. 14Establishment of the Quality Control Center (Affiliated Center)
  • 1983. 01. 31Relocation of ADD Headquarters from Seoul to Daejeon
  • 1985. 09. 21Successful Launch Test of the Hyunmoo Missile System
  • 1987. 03. 02Separation of the Korea Institute for Defense Analyses (KIDA)

Period of Maturation


Improvement and development of advanced weapon systems

Cheonma (Surface-to-Air Missile System), K9 Thunder (Howitzer), K30 Biho (Self-propelled Anti-aircraft Weapon), Baeksangeo (Heavyweight Torpedo), Towed Array Sonar System, SLQ- 200K (Electronic Warfare System for Naval Vessels), KT-1 (Basic Training Aircraft), Solgae (Unmanned Aircraft), etc.

  • 1995. 03. 20Opening of the Naval Weapon System Test Range in Jinhae
  • 1995. 05. 17Opening of the Automotive Test Range (Changwon Proving Ground) in Changwon
  • 1998. 10. 01Establishment of the Dual Use Technology Center
  • 1999. 01. 01Merging with the Institute for Defense Information System
  • 1999. 11. 16Opening of the New Research Facility for Information Technology Research Division in Seoul (Geo-Yeo-Dong)

Standing Among the World’s Best


Development of precision weapons

Haeseong (Anti-ship Guided Missile System), Shingung (Portable Short-range Surface-to-Air Missile System), K2 (Main Battle Tank), K21 (Infantry Fighting Vehicle), Blue Shark (Lightweight Torpedo), Red Shark (Anti-submarine Missile System), Naval Combat System, ANASIS (Military Satellite Communication System), ALQ-200 (Electronic Interference Equipment for Fighters), KA-1 (Forward Air Controller), etc.

  • 2001. 02. 21Exporting of KT-1 to Indonesia
  • 2001. 07. 20Exporting of K9 Howitzer to Turkey
  • 2006. 02. 02Separation of the Defense Agency for Technology and Quality
  • 2008. 07. 28Exporting of K2 MBT to Turkey
  • 2008. 09. 08Opening of the Aerospace Systems Test & Evaluation Center in Haemi

Leading the World's Best


Development of high precision weapons

Cheolmae-II PIP, Hyungung, Bigung, Biryong, Tactical Ship-to-Surface Missile System, Ship Missile Defense System, Long-range Surface-to-Air Missile(L-SAM), Taipers(Tank+Snipers), ANASIS-Ⅱ, Korean Tactical Data Link System, Anti-Air Command & Control Alarm System, TICN, MUAV, Mid-range GPS Guide Kit, KSS-ⅢSonar System, KSS-Ⅲ Combat System, AESA, HEL Effector(High Energy Laser Effector), etc.

  • 2014. 01. 22Establishment of the Institute of Civil-Military Technology Cooperation and the Defense Advanced Technology Research Institute
  • 2014. 05. 02Establishment of the Defense Industry Technology Center
  • 2014. 04. 30Opening of the Naval Combat Test and Development Center
  • 2015. 11 .18Opening of the Darakdae Proving Ground
  • 2016. 07. 18Commencement of the Cyber Technology Research Officer Program
  • 2016. 12. 13Opening of the Seoymal Test Center
  • 2017. 03. 02Opening of 'AiDDlE' (ADD Kindergarten)
  • 2017. 06. 01Commencement of the Science and Technology Officer Program
  • 2017. 09. 30Opening of the Sejong Test Center
  • 2020. 07. 01Opening of the ADD Square