Test & Evaluation Services

Test & Evaluation Services

As a means of serving the nation and its people, ADD provides T&E services, KOLAS Accreditation services, and related technical support to other government branches and civilian organizations.


Submit an official letter, duly stamped or signed by the organization's representative, and a request form available on this page to tech@add.re.kr (TEL: 042-821-0443).

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KOLAS Accreditation Services

As an authorized test center, ADD provides KOLAS Accreditation services in the following fields:

KOLAS 인증시험 - 시험장/실험실, 시험종류, 담당자 전화번호
Facility Test Type Contact
5th R&D Institute (T&E) Environmental Test 041-671-2424
Changwon Proving Ground Maneuverability Test 055-250-3230
Electronic Test Range Satellite Network Test 042-821-2299
Aerospace Systems T&T Center Electromagnetic Wave Test / Environmental Test 042-828-1306 / 042-828-1357
Naval Weapon Systems Test Range Sound and Vibration Test 055-540-6301
Chemical Analysis Test & Research Laboratory Specific Chemical Analysis 042-821-4665
Structural Test Facility Static Structure Test (Aviation and Space Platforms) 042-821-4905
Armor Test & Research Laboratory Armor Test 042-821-4615