Patrol Killer Guided Missile-Class(PKG) Combat System

Patrol Killer Guided Missile-Class(PKG) Combat SystemNaval Combat Systems

  • 유도탄 고속함 전투체계
  • 유도탄 고속함 전투체계

The Patrol Killer Guided Missile-Class (PKG) Combat System is Korea's first indigenously developed battleship combat system. The system was developed for PKGs (Patrol Killer Guided Missile) — the battleships replacing PKMs (Patrol Killer Medium).

The PKG Combat System fully integrates search and tracking sensors into the system, and uses high-precision fire control technologies, providing superior performances. The system is capable of carrying out missions including AAW, ASuW, EW and NGS.


The modified PKG combat system was exported to Malaysia in 2011.