Landing Platform Helicopter(LPH) Combat System

Landing Platform Helicopter(LPH) Combat System Naval Combat Systems

  • 대형수송함 전투체계
  • 대형수송함 전투체계

The Landing Platform Helicopter (LPH) Combat System is Korea's first indigenously developed combat system and is installed on Dokdo-class amphibious assault ships. Main roles of the system include ship self-defense and command support missions.

The system is capable of high-volume 'target tracking information' processing and engagement control by integrating sensor information and its weapon systems. The system is also capable of providing tactical situational awareness and Command & Control (C2) for amphibious task force operations, including planning.

The Korea Multi-function Console was indigenously developed and the KNTDS integration enabled simultaneous control of Link-11 and ISDL.

The system consists of: Command and Fire Control System (FCS) and Command Support System (CSS).