Korean Guided GPS Bomb kit(KGGB)

Korean Guided GPS Bomb(KGGB) Kit

  • 중거리 GPS 유도키트(KGGB)
  • 중거리 GPS 유도키트(KGGB)

The Korean Guided GPS Bomb (KGGB) Kit is a cutting-edge air-to-ground guided weapon system, attached to MK-82s. The KGGB is capable of striking targets from long-distances and features fire-and-forget capability.

As of 2018, the KGGB is operated by five fighters including F-5 and FA-50.


The KGGB was exported to middle-eastern countries and additional exports are currently under discussion owing to its unequaled advantage of converting general munitions into precision guided weapons at a low-cost without the need for remodeling the aircraft.

  • 중거리 GPS 유도키트(KGGB)