Corps Level Reconnaisance UAV (RQ-101)

Corps Level Reconnaissance UAV (RQ-101)

  • 군단 정찰용 무인항공기(UAV)
  • 군단 정찰용 무인항공기(UAV)

The state-of-the-art RQ-101 is the first indigenously developed UAV operated by the ROK Army for corps-level reconnaissances. 

The RQ-101 is a tactical unmanned aerial system equipped with a day-and-night image sensor, capable of transmitting video information to ground stations in near real-time. The RQ-101 is able to take-off from both runways & launchers and is capable of parafoil landing if runways are not permitted. 

In cases the line-of-sight communications between RQ-101s and ground control stations are not permissible, communications can be effectively re-established via 'ground relay terminals'.