Ramjet Propulsion

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Solid Ramjet Propulsion provides revolutionary increases in both flight performance and range of a guided missile by applying solid fuel — which has high energy density — to a ramjet engine. Solid ramjet propulsion system has the advantages of structural simplicity inherited from solid propulsion systems and high efficiency inherited from airbreathing propulsion systems at the same time, which makes the system highly evaluated in military aspects.

Supersonic Air Intake Ramjet Propulsion is a technology applicable to flight vehicles cruising at supersonic speeds including guided weapon systems. Application of the technology to guided weapon systems enhances survivability of the flight vehicle and launch platform, and reduces mass, size, and flight time to target while increasing lethality.

Technologies for liquid ramjet propulsion system design and its components including fuel pressurization/ transfer/ supply systems, combustion system and control related technologies have been acquired.

Ducted ramjet technology and supersonic combustion related core technologies are conducted to diversify its application and increase the flight speed of flight vehicles.