K-Mosaic Warfare

K-Mosaic Warfare

  • 모자이크 워페어(K-Mosaic Warfare)

Future battlefield is evolving from Network Centric Warfare based on centralized sequential kill-chains, to Mosaic Warfare based on distributed adaptive kill-webs.

How to win? Pivot to Mosaic Warfare, an essential core for future national defense.

Mosaic Warfare, in multi-domain & multi-dimensional operations, is to accomplish a force package with decentralizing friendly forces (risk distribution) to maximize survivability and with mission-focused lethality to adversaries. There, individual warfighting platforms on distributed adaptive kill-webs are put together in faster, flexible, and adaptive ways driven by the 4th industrial revolution technology.

ADD will intensively prepare for future omnidirectional threats by constructing K-Mosaic Warfare based on the advanced defense S&T such as unmanned, autonomy, intelligence, and swarm technologies.