International Cooperation

International Technology Cooperation

ADD has built a global network of 25 organizations in 15 countries in an effort to jointly conduct research and development (R&D) of cutting-edge defense technology. ADD operates 4 overseas offices in the United States, Israel, France, and Russia, which serve as a bridge for international technology cooperation.

International Technology Cooperation Committees

KOLAS 인증시험 - 시험장/실험실, 시험종류, 담당자 전화번호를 나타낸 표입니다.
Country Committee Year
United States ROK-US Technology Cooperation Subcommittee TCSC '71
France ROK-France Joint Research Committee JRC '71
Israel ROK-Israel R&D Collaboration Committee RDCC '03
Norway ADD-FFI Joint Steering Committee JSC '06
Sweden ADD-FOI Joint Steering Committee JSC '07
United Kingdom ROK-UK Joint R&D Committee JRDC '10
India ROK-India Steering Committee SC '10
Germany ADD-DLR Science & Technology Collaboration Committee STCC '13
Netherlands ADD-TNO Science & Technology Collaboration Committee STCC '15
ADD-NLR Aerospace Technology Collaboration Committee ATCC '15
ADD-MARIN Maritime Technology Collaboration Committe MTCC '20
Singapore ROK-Singapore Joint Steering Committee JSC '17
Australia ROK-Australia Joint Steering Committee JSC '20
Canada ADD-DRDC Science & Technology Collaboration Committee STCC STCC in progress('21)
ㆍDoD: US Department of Defense ㆍTNO : Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research ㆍDDR&D : Director of Defense Research & Development
ㆍROE : Rosboronexport
ㆍFOI : Swedish Defence Research Agency ㆍNLR : Netherlands Aerospace Center ㆍDRDO : Defense Research and Development Organization
ㆍFFI : Norwegian Defence Research Establishment ㆍDGA : French Defense Procurement Agency
ㆍFSTD : Future System & Technology Directorate
ㆍDLR : German Aerospace Center ㆍDIT-DSO : Department for International Trade Defence & Security Organization

Project Agreements (PA)

  • As a way of advancing defense science and technology, ADD is carrying out active exchanges and cooperative activities with a number of governments and research institutes overseas — various Project Agreements (PA) are in progress, promoting innovative research and development (R&D).