Defense Export

ADD is contributing to both national security and the economy through weapon systems exports which include: KT-1 Basic Trainer, K9 Howitzer, Haesung Ship-to-Ship Missile, Bigung, etc.

Major Export Cases
구분, 수출국, 시제업체
Weapon Country Industry
KT-1 Basic Trainer Peru, Turkey etc. KAI
K2 MBT Technology Turkey Hyundai Rotem
K9 Thunder Turkey, India, Poland etc. -
Shingung (Chiron) Indonesia LIG Nex1
Haeseong (Sea Star) Colombia, Philippines LIG Nex1
Bigung (Poniard) - -
Hyungung (Raybolt) - LIG Nex1
Korean Guided GPS Bomb Kit (KGGB) - LIG Nex1
  • KT-1 Basic Trainer

  • K2 MBT Technology

  • K9 Thunder

  • Haeseong (Sea Star)

  • Bigung (Poniard)

  • Hyungung (Raybolt)

  • Shingung (Chiron)

  • KGGB